About Head2Web

Do you want a website that’s more than ‘just a website’?  A site that combines beautiful, high-quality design with fluid, responsive functionality? A site that actually achieves results?

You've come to the right place.

So how did the idea to launch Head2Web come about?

Well, from very early on we were receiving enquiries from smaller businesses that wanted a sleek and professional website, without the astronomical price tag they usually had attached to them. At first, we turned these guys away, but then I started to wonder: how can we offer affordable websites in such a way that our clients get incredible value for a reasonable price?

Over the past 2-years, I have personally designed more than 50 websites and run successful SEO campaigns for hundreds of businesses, increasing traffic, online sales and inbound leads for clients. We have dedicated web designers, developers, SEO specialists and content writers within our business, so we’re perfectly positioned to offer a business everything they need to get up and running online.

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Starting a business may be scary, but being able to successfully design and build websites for clients is an incredible feeling and something that we’re incredibly proud of at Head2Web. The second scariest thing I’ve ever done? Skydive. I thought it would fix my fear of heights, but now I’m even more terrified of them!