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Is Your Free Email Account Costing You Business?

When you started your new business , chances are that your funds were low and to save money you opted for a free email account. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when you start to scale your business and want to build upon your success, there comes a time when you might need to look beyond the basic Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email account.

Here at Head2Web, we include several business email addresses in each website package we offer. If you’re still on the fence about whether a business email address is right for you, here are 6 benefits of creating a unique business email address for your company.

#1 – More successful emails

Spam filters are getting better and better at keeping out nuisance emails and it’s important that your business’s emails don’t get wrongly sent to the trash. A lot of spam emails are sent from free accounts and so many mail servers are more suspicious of emails from addresses such as Gmail or Yahoo. Having a business email address decreases the chances of your email being classed as junk and never being seen, let alone opened. By making this one simple change, you could dramatically increase the number of people seeing your email – and the number of potential clients as a result!

#2 – Build credibility

In the modern online world, it can be difficult to know when a business is authentic and genuinely providing value. A business email account helps to provide better credibility for your business as your customers and clients will see that you have invested time and money in building a verified and credible method of contact for your company, and this goes a long way in making your business look more trustworthy.

What’s more, when you have a business email account, it can make your two-man start-up seem like a fully-established corporation. While it’s always a good idea to be honest about the size of your business (after all, Microsoft started in a shed!), first impressions do matter and if your potential clients’ first impression of your company is as a professional, established business then they may be more likely to stick around and hear what you’ve got to say.

#3 – Promote brand awareness – and promote yourself!

Whether it’s a big name in fashion, a specific homeware store or even just a preferred brand of mayonnaise, we all have favourite brands that we want to stay loyal to. As a business, you will want to position yourself as one of these favoured brands. How do you do that? Brand awareness. You put your brand name on everything you do, including every email that you send.

When your existing and potential customers see your brand name in their inbox every time you say hi, they’ll start remembering you and associating your brand name with your product. Eventually, repeated exposure and (hopefully!) a quality, reliable product will make your brand a trusted name. But you have to start small and a great way to do this is by having personalised business email accounts.

Better yet, promote yourself! Whether you’re the founder, manager or front desk assistant, you can have your own business email address with your name on it.

#4 – Multiple accounts

A great benefit of a business email domain is that you can set up multiple accounts at the same domain address. This means that your customers will always know who they are talking to, which adds a level of friendliness and personalisation to the service that makes communications seem more intimate and more trustworthy.

Plus, you can set up different accounts for different purposes – perhaps you’d choose to have a support@yourbusinessname email account, designed specifically to help confused customers. Or sales@yourbusinessname would help you to easily find emails from people specifically looking to make a purchase. Whatever names you choose, these categorised accounts would benefit you and your employees when sifting through emails and would help your customers find what they’re looking for. It’s a win-win!

#5 – It’s easy (and it’s FREE!)

Better than asking why get a branded business email account, is to ask why not? Here at Head2Web, we didn’t want anybody to be able to answer that question so we’ve made getting a business email address as easy as possible. When you sign up for one of our website packages, we include business email addresses for free as standard. Our most basic package starts with as many as 10 unique email accounts. We set them all up for you and then you’re ready to start using the new system.

For those of you looking for something more substantial, we also resell Office 365.

If you want to find out more about getting a business email account, why not sign up for a free consultation with a member of our team? It costs nothing and its absolutely commitment free. Simply contact us here.

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